Baby Toilet Trainer
Baby Toilet Trainer
Baby Toilet Trainer
Baby Toilet Trainer

Baby Toilet Trainer

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When it’s about time to start using the restroom, it’s important for your little angel to be comfortable. The hardened plastic and ergonomic design (including the panda) is made for your convenience.

It’s designed to fit into almost every toilet. The step-up ladder is added so your child can step up and down easily, even without your support.  Your child will sit comfortably, thanks to the soft cushion function.  It comes in two distinctive colors, Pink and blue.

It’s made with safe and hygiene materials. The soft shapes make it comfortable and safest for your child.

You can easily adjust it on the toilet with its multi-adjustable fitting device. Moreover, your child can put and remove the chair all by himself. The curved splash guard keeps your child from splashing. It’s easy to clean.

We used a safety-first-approach while designing this product and added features like the armrest, ladder, hardened building material with a soft finishing material. This makes sure the product will last you for years.

Following are the features that make this toilet seat a better choice!

  • Adapts to all size and types of toilet seats
  • Angled splash guard prevents a mess
  • Soft rubber finish makes it comfortable
  • It’s easy to remove and clean




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