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Professional Travel Split End Trimmer
Professional Travel Split End Trimmer
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Professional Travel Split End Trimmer

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Girls have been waiting for this device for decades! Finally, the wait is over. This brand new accessory safely trims the tips of damaged, fried, broken, brittle hair and split-ends in minutes!  No more split ends with this new split end trimmer!

It does this without harming any of your hair.Thanks to its advanced security ends taking nothing of your length. It only trims the wires outside the hair outline, leaving you with perfect smooth and straight hair.

With any hair, separate a strand as shown, and pass the machine through at least 3 times, and it will instantly remove split-ends. The best part? You only need to use it every 60 to 90 days for amazing noticeable results.

The difference is immediate, the hair will be of super soft texture and a beautiful and healthy look, and exactly the same size. 

Note: We will send the correct power adaptor based on your country.


Q. Will the Split-Ends Trimmer remove a lot of hair?
A. No. It only removes 1/8 inch of the hair.

Q. How does Split-Ends Trimmer work?
A. It uses the exclusive patented "Snip the Tip Microtrim" system to snip the tips of hair that are fried, damaged, brittle, or broken. It doesn't matter how long your hair is; it will work on any length of hair and even trims fragments that stick out on the sides of the hair shaft. It also works on your hair no matter how thick it is!

Q. Will it affect the length of my hair
A. No. Since it only trims 1/8 inch from each hair it will not change the length of your hair in the slightest. However, it is strongly recommended you do not use it daily and are through to avoid any uneven length.

Q. Is Split-Ends Trimmer easy to use?
A. It is incredibly easy to use. It's the same as combing your hair.

Q. Will the Split-Ends Trimmer work on any type of hair?
A. Definitely! Whether your hair is coarse, fine, curly, long or short Split Ender is designed to trim split ends from any type of hair.

Q. Should I put anything (gel, hairspray etc.) in my hair before using Split Ender?
A. It is recommended that your hair be completely dry and have no styling products in it. You should also comb your hair to be sure there are no tangles.

Q. Can I use Split-Ends Trimmer in the shower or bath?
A. No, this can cause damage to the device and may cause injury to the user.

Q. Can I use Split-Ends Trimmer on wet hair?
A. No. Split Ender is most effective when it is used on clean and dry hair

Package Includes:  

- 1x Split Cutting machine 

- 1x Carry Bag 

- 1x Styling comb 

- 1x Separators Clips 

- 1x Cleaning -Escobar 

- 1x 1/8 "Trim Spacer 

- 1x 1/4 "Trim Spacer 

- 1x Instruction manual 

- 1x Power Adapter

- Wattage: 50W 

All products will be delivered in less than 18 days no matter where you are located.

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