Target Tweeze
Target Tweeze
Target Tweeze
Target Tweeze

Target Tweeze

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Target Tweeze is a compact tweezers which is designed to remove the finest hair. With its pinpoint precision, it can remove up to 0.3mm thin hair. It rids of unwanted hair from root within seconds. This device features a patent technology which not only removes hair but keeps it from growing back for up to 6 weeks. With this device, you don’t need to hunt for facial hair anymore. It easily searches and removes fine hair from root.

Target Tweeze is designed to remove both facial and bodily fine hair. It’s ideal for everyone, men and women.  It features hypoallergenic rotary tweezers which are designed for quick and painless hair removal. This is faster than most conventional tweezers, thanks to its grab option that doesn’t break hair. 

  • Attracts Hair for Seamless Removal
  • Removes even 0.3mm hair
  • Can be used anywhere on your body
  • Unique design solves the issue of single hair tweezing
  • No Scratching or Pulling
  • Erase Glide avoids irritation
  • Safety Features prevents any harm if pushed too hard against the skin
  • Cordless Operation, Long Battery Life


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